What was your favorite trip of 2022?


The year is almost over and I'm sure this community went on some pretty epic trips! I want to hear what your favorite trip of 2022 was. Give me ideas on what I should add to my list for 2023.

I'll go first: My favorite trip was Sedona, AZ for canyoning! My partner and I headed there in the spring and checked off multiple dry canyons and even one aquatic canyon. It was amazing to see some of the popular spots from a different vantage point.


  • snechemias
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    A year full of great trips, but in August my partner and I took our youngest mutt, Special Agent Johnny Utah, out for two weeks of high route in the Winds and Beartooths. Forgive the Monty Python soundtrack, highlights are here:


  • TenDigitGrid
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    ooo This is a hard question to answer... Torn Between a Mt Shasta Summit attempt and a winter Yosemite CLouds Rest trip....

  • Jessicaholly88
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    My favourite trip of 2022 was to the alps! We spent 3 weeks road tripping across france and Switzerland we hiked and climbed various routes in zermatt and chamonix! We can't wait to go back next year!

  • skyestoury
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    @Jessicaholly88 this looks amazing!

  • Naomibro
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    I wussed-out. I've paid my dues for decades: hiking, hauling, navigating, sleeping on the ground; alternatively freezing or schivitzing, getting dirty, wearing same clothes for ever; grim-y hair; you know, all the stuff distracting us. Worrying AND funky.


    Tried something different this past August due to fractured back: drove to Dillon, Colorado and DAY HIKED.

    I could sleep in a real bed, bring my two hiking mutts, fix a decent meal, get a hot shower, clean clothes, clean cutlery, and most importantly, not carry a heavy load while still indulging my inner hiker on the many fantastic trails.

    My Air BNB host loved to share great hikes his wife and he took. Off the beaten trail too.

    When you have access to your car, there is a lot of "stuff" you can take too.

    Put my dough into a decent Air B n B, parked my car in a SAFE garage, cooked most meals; stumbled to 'fridge in middle of night, had electrons, newspapers; washed clothes in washer; dishes in washer; stayed clean.

    By day's end, I was in a lot of pain. Needing rest and recovery with no meds, it was a great compromise.

    Hiked a variety of ecosystems in area. There was plenty to vary each day too.

    Some days I climbed; some days enjoyed profuse wildflowers in fields.

    Some days? Napped. (It's called a zero day, right?)

    It was grand.

    Kinda felt guilty.

    Then not; for whom was I feeling guilty?

  • tradigan21
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    I posted my favorite backpacking trip of 2022, connecting all the 10th Mountain Huts via a continuous footpath. The link has been clicked 47 times and not one person was interested enough to comment. Not a great feeling. Thanks, community.

  • Naomibro
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    first: you live in an awesome place ! Awesome!

    second: why care? Most folks are only concerned with themselves, few, have time for you. Go out. Have fun. Care less.

  • karlworley
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    Three weeks walking the Camino de Santiago from Porto to Santiago along the beach. From sand, sea, and sun the first few days to sideways rain and wind the last seven days... I wouldn't have changed a thing! Well, except for having one of those cool new Hyperlite weatherproof shells.... I am thankful Hyperlite was along for the walk!

  • skyestoury
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    @nameavailable7 day hiking can be absolutely amazing, glad you were able to get out!

  • Danimal
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    Covered Langly, Muir, Whitney, and Russel in four days 80% off trail. Short but very cool all above tree line.

  • bugglife
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    Hard to pick just one! I got to spend almost two weeks in Grand Canyon this year - hiking, rappelling, and packrafting with friends both new and old. Looking forward to going back in 2023.

  • Patch96
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    This is an easy answer for me, the Appalachian Trail was my trip of the year! I started April 27th headed NOBO and summited Katahdin September 11th. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, so many great memories!

    MARK SIREK Administrator Posts: 313

    @Patch96 Solid work out there! Congrats! - Mark

  • operationadventure

    This is a tough one! I'm torn between two of my favorite trips from 2022.

    1. Our trip to Patagonia was absolutely incredible in every way.
    2. We finally summited the Grand Teton!

  • sashaswashut
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    Love reading all of these trips! I didn’t go anywhere extravagant this year, but I did take a trip to Montana and absolutely loved it. We filled our time with outdoor activities- lots of paddle boarding and hiking. The weather was perfect, and it was so fun exploring another state. We will definitely be back to visit Montana, soon!

  • xjilientan
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    Getting my annual dose of Himalayan High on Nirekha & Ama Dablam! 🤩😍

  • chuck
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    Northbound thru hike of the Colorado Trail.