Looking for feedback on an App I am building: Don't Forget The Spoon

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I have been working on a building out a Hiking mobile app called Don't Forget The Spoon. The idea came to my wife an I while sitting in the cold snow in Yosemite National Park, the night before hiking up Clouds Rest. We had a long days worth of hiking in the cold to get to our campsite, set up and were ready for a nice warm meal.... but we both forgot to pack a spoon.

The app is a lot like lighter pack, if you are familiar with that, but designed first for mobile with a way to track your items as you pack for your trip. Also the app will help recommend lighter options to gear based off a crowd sourced database. I am adding to the database everyday, and this will get more useful overtime.

Since I am visual learner myself, this short YouTube Video gives a quick overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jteDKALFWWc

I am looking for some honest feedback. This is very much unpolished first stable releases. I have a lot more features on the roadmap to make it a useful tool for preparing for your trips. Hoping to get calorie planner out this week or next ;-)

If you give it a try please share your feedback with me, I am open to anything and have thick skin. Shout out to @bugglife for already providing me with some valuable feedback ;-)

You can download the app here:

Here are some screenshots as well:


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    Forgot to add this to the main post. But anyone who provides any type of feedback, in the next 30 days I will give you a free lifetime pro upgrade in the app :-)

    Just shoot me a DM on here cause I will need to know the email addressers you registered with to grant you pro access.

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    Pushed out an update so you can now share links of your packs with your friends. Here is my photography winter hiking day pack I used in Big Bear California this past weekend: https://dfts.app/#?id=lVeSBUHoLX52zPqAiB9A