My experience on the Appalachian Trail with HMG

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The bizarre part of this story is that I don't wear a HMG pack. I'm also partially sponsored by another gear company. I came to the AT determined to finish the AT - and the triple crown - as quickly as I could. I was aiming for 100 days, and I was pretty close to being on pace. But I changed my plans and took a ton of extra time. So here's why I'm posting all this on an HMG forum:

Along the way I met a hiker called Puddin'. She reminded me how fun it is to slow down and really enjoy how special a thru hike is. We wound up hiking about 1000 miles together, and she even changed her plans too and walked the bonus miles to the Canadian border with me. Along the way, I took several thousand photos of her. I love the way the HMG logo looks on the packs, and she loves being in front of the camera as much as I love holding it. I met my best friend on the AT. We bonded while talking through a lot of difficult subjects, but also while playing around and shooting a ton of pictures of HMG gear. It's a huge part of the foundation of our friendship! Now we have plans to connect Key West to Canada before the year is up before moving on to her own triple crown ambitions. I'm really, really looking forward to getting more shots of her and her HMG pack!