Gear hacks / modifications

bugglife Member Posts: 99

Any favorite gear hacks or modifications? I've got a few, but one of the simplest and most successful is / are the mods I've made to my Snow Peak pot.

I wasn't happy with the original lid because it didn't stay on very well (the Vargo lids look much better on this front) but I was able to find a good aftermarket one at Four Dog Stove Company, for $16 - pictured above. It stays on much better, and I like the wooden handle for added insulation.

I also bought some silicone tubing and used Isopropyl alcohol as a lubricant to get it around the handles and provide some additional insulation on the pot proper. I purchased 3.3' on Amazon and have some left over. The interior diameter of my tubing is 3mm, but if I were going to do it over again, I think I'd go for 4mm because it was real tough to get the tubing around the bends in the handles, even with the alcohol.

Looking forward to hearing what other people have to share!


  • AustinHager
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    By far my favourite DIY/modded gear is my bowl. It's the standard Talenti/Fiasco Gelato (Canada) bowl, but I wrapped it with Reflectix. I've gone through about 3 different bowls as they tend to warp after about 20-30 nights but have used the same sleeve. It does a great job at keeping heat in. I rehydrate in my bowl rather than pot so it's easy to clean and the lid is nice and secure too so the mess stays inside, or I can fill it with a bit of water and give it a shake to drink down the remnants. Also, it's nice to hold!