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Has anybody on here had any experience with Tricer products?

I'm particularly interested in their tripod that utilizes trekking poles for two of the legs. It looks like it's made for binoculars, but I'm interested in using it for backcountry timelapse photography.

They also make a tipi adapter that looks like it could be perfect for an ultamid. I haven't had any problems using the straps that came with my ultamid, but this seems a little more elegant, and at the stated weight of 2 oz, not much of a weight penalty.

Any input would be much appreciated!

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  • snechemias
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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I use the trekking pole adapter to put two 130cm poles together when pitching an ultamid, it works great!


  • bugglife
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    @snechemias thanks for getting back to me!

    I actually got the tipi adapter for Xmas and had the chance to use it a few weeks ago with my UM4. We tested a few different sets of trekking poles before we left, and luckily had a pair that were adjustable height, with tips that were small enough to fit into the device. At least one set of poles didn't seat very well because the tips were too big. All in all, it worked very well. A few small issues were:

    * In testing at home I got the tips stuck once and had real hard time removing them, so I didn't tighten things down as much on the trail and didn't have an issue.

    * I was concerned about the gnarled grips abrading the stent / stuff sack in my pack, so I carried it separately.

    * I had no place to put my glasses / hang a lantern! All in all, I like the product, and at $35 and 2 oz, it's won't break the bank or your back. However, I am not convinced the tipi adapter is a clear winner over straps if you are used to using them. I would be interested to try their GTP-III tripod for the weight savings, but that's a much bigger investment.