.3L drawstring stuff sack- What do you use it for?


Just received this little guy + now that I have it in hand I’m wondering what y’all use it for? Without thinking of it’s actually size I was hoping to use it to pack the electronics in but that isn’t going to happen! 😂

Any + all suggestions are appreciated!!!


  • tina
    tina Member, Moderator Posts: 56

    I keep my little first aid kit in there -- pills, tick tweezers, tiny scissors, patch kits, superglue, leukotape, vaseline, etc. I have another one for my bathroom stuff, a culo clean + 1oz bottle of soap. it's a nice size for things that would get completely lost in my bag if they didn't have (another tiny) place to go.

    MARK SIREK Administrator Posts: 296

    @krysta_king I use one for charging cables if I'm gone long enough to need them, and another with a little fire starter kit if I'm someplace I can have one. Sometimes I just hold an empty one and giggle because they're like, totes adorbs.

  • skyestoury
    skyestoury Member Posts: 36

    I tried it for toiletries but it was a little too small. I have used it as underwear storage to not lose them in my main clothes stuff sack...

  • Naomibro
    Naomibro Member Posts: 92

    you dislike it. So. Return item.

  • ccrowhurst
    ccrowhurst Member Posts: 2

    My battery Nitecore NB10000 and three 6" usb-c (c-c, c-micro, c-iphone) cables fit in mine.