Ultamid 2 - How Best to Use?

swbugas Member Posts: 46

I've slept in more tents than I can recount in many different conditions. Each have had their pros and cons, but none have honestly checked each possible box. That is until I found the Ultamid. The theory behind the Ultamid, in my eyes, is ultimate practicality. The ideal combination of minimalism, durability, and weight consciousness. As with all refined tools, though, there is a learning curve. How do you set your Ultamid to avoid letting mosquitos in? Do you feel the insert is imperative to comfort? How do you set up the Ultamid where stakes are near impossible to use? Generally speaking, I'm just looking for little bits of feedback, advise, and creative thinking!


    MARK SIREK Administrator Posts: 306

    @swbugas - I'm solidly in the same camp (get it?) as you about the UltaMid. My sweetie and I can't sleep in anything else! Here in Maine, we always use a full-insert. It's a no-brainer when it comes to bugs, and no brains = no headaches. It's also a lifesaver in the wetter spring and late fall, when gear just becomes a chamois that finds ALL the moisture. Without the insert, if the conditions call for it, you can certainly get the edges nice and close to the ground with the guy lines and the sacrifice of a wee bit of height. And, on the rocky granite shorelines of Northern Maine where stakes have no business being, I've had success just wrapping and knotting off guy line around big rocks, and getting a nice pitch that way. There have certainly been times where I look inside my pack and think it would be cool to have some of the space back that the insert is taking up, but then, after waking up in the morning, refreshed from a distraction-free night, I remember why it's always worth it to bring! Enjoy that 'MidLife!