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What are your absolute best tips or tricks for hiking or adventuring with your doggos?


  • Jessicaholly88
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    We love taking our dog out with us!

    We always plan the route ahead so we know the mileage and that she's capable of the route/terrain.

    We check where water sources are and that we are carry enough if water looks limited on route!

    If it's warm we pack a cooling vest and plenty of snacks and treats of course 🤗

  • sashaswashut
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    I agree with @Jessicaholly88 - I will do research ahead of time to see if there are water sources along the way. I tend to choose hikes that have better water source (waterfalls, streams, ect.) so my dog has plenty of chances to get wet and drink water. I carry a collapsible bowl and plenty of water. I know Ruffwear makes a "wet suit" that keeps them cool...I have one but actually haven't tried it out yet!

    If its a longer hike, I will put his Ruffwear pack on him. That way he can carry his own treats :)

    Lastly- I know these can be a bit controversial but my dog wears a shock collar while we hike. I have NEVER had to use the "shock" mode, because he responds very well to the beep or vibrate. I like having this on him in case he gets out of sight, or to call him back when I see other people coming or another dog. I do leash him on hikes that are super busy, but if we are alone I let him off leash (and the collar really helps to keep him close!).

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    used to hike with my rescue mutt. He even had his own doggie pack, which we trained him wearing.

    However, it's a hassle for you and dangerous for your canine pal. YOU MUST--YOU! must carry his/her food, water, bowls and most poop bags. The dog's really do not like a long trek. really.

    Their "don'ts", better than kids' and do not whine, as they DO want to please you, are awful and you end up carrying them.

    It's really cruel if it's too hot, cold or rainy, or their little paws become sore and bleed. You MUST also keep them leashed, or they may get lost, chase a small critter or bark. How about a high rocky cliff; they may leap or pull you off balance, then you are both sunk.It's not in their best interest. Ive had one of my dogs loose in a rattle snake fight. I thought I lost her. But there was a pet ER clinic about 10 miles away ( I had to carry her too!) (pricey!) who saved her; how about porcupines? Had a dog try to eat one. She had spines all down her throat at 2 AM.

    When our dogs were younger, it was appropriate and close; now? sorry no. it's really selfish.

    Some places DO NOT allow pets. Then what?

    Dogs benefit from short forays but in a long hike, leave the sweeties at home.