Camping/Backpacking with kids

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Happy Friday!!

Anyone here have kids and have advice on camping/backpacking with them?

I’m a (somewhat) new mom- my daughter turned 1 in June and my husband and I would love to start camping with her. I’d love any and all advice (do you use a sleeping bag for them? If so, what kind?). What age were your kids when you first took them camping?

As always, thanks guys! :)


  • hayden_hikes
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    Hey Sasha!

    We have been camping with our daughter since she was about 1 as well. I wrote up a detailed blog about camping and hiking with your little ones! Check it out here and I hope it’s helpful to you! Reach out if you have any specific questions. We have seen a lot.

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    @hayden_hikes Thank you so much!!

  • Jessicaholly88
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    I've been hiking and camping with my daughter since she was about 3 (she's now 10) I've always found it better going lightweight! We use camping quilts instead of bags and lightweight sleeping mats! Most importantly we make sure we pack her the appropriate clothing and always a waterproof! We also pack freeze dried meals to save on weight as you are carrying everything for an extra person ☺️

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    @Jessicaholly88 Thanks!! It's nice when our whole family goes because that way my husband and I can share the weight :) lol