Canyoneering specific pack - wet canyons

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I would really love to see a canyoneering-specific pack for wet canyons. I use a Porter 55 for dry canyons and it works great - no frills design, fits everything I need, very comfortable to wear.

For wet canyons, I would love to see something that is either more waterproof (so nothing gets wet) or less waterproof (lots of drainage so I don't have to carry around extra water or dump it out) than than the Porter. I know there are options from Edelrid and Rodcle, they are both very durable, but have no frame and are pretty uncomfortable to carry with a heavy wet rope and wetsuit.

What other options would you like to see in a wet-canyon pack?


  • DeanHill
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    You should check out Slot packs, a new company from Moab, Utah. I haven't tried one myself, but they look awesome.

  • bugglife
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    Thanks! I've seen a few IG ads for these packs, and they definitely look cool, but I haven't heard any reviews. I'll be interested to hear how they work once they see more use by a wider variety of people.