Photographer and PODs


Hello any photographers use the PODs to store their camera and lenses?


  • TenDigitGrid
    TenDigitGrid Member, Moderator Posts: 82

    I use the Camera Pod. Been great so far. Hope they make lens specific pods in the future. I have use the camera Pod from hiking to kayaking.

    If you buy the peak design Anchor Links, you can make turn the camera pod into an ultralight sling as well! I wrote a review with my impressions on my blog here.

  • nirwin
    nirwin Member Posts: 22

    I must admit I haven't been using mine as much. My older chest rig has an easy access pocket that I would stash a camera battery and an extra card. The pods unfortunately don't allow for this, which for me is a shame as this has now almost become a requirement as I have a setup now I like and prefer rather than having camera bits dotted around different places on my pack or pockets.