Ran the Leadville Silver Rush 50 This Weekend

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My first race of any kind since I ran track in high school. Felt really good for most of the race, threw up around mile 21 because I was still wearing long sleeves. Felt better after I dropped to a t-shirt and held it together until about the last half-mile of climbing at around 34.5. Threw up there and at the very top at mile 35, but I could run and felt fine right after I did. My legs and lungs still felt like I should be running the long descent to the finish, so I did until I threw up twice more, then I power hiked with some short jogging stretches until the end. I stopped to dry heave with a quarter-mile left, then jogged to the finish once I'd convinced my stomach it was empty. Finished in 11:17, and it was pretty fun overall.


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    damn thats epic! Props to you! I used to run in high school and college and really miss competing.

  • tradigan21
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    Thanks! I'm not sure if I picked up a stomach bug along the way or just need to improve my fueling strategies over such long distances. I've definitely been out for days that were longer in duration while backpacking, but it's more intense and a lot of miles.