Pocket Closure

Parashara108 Member Posts: 2

Hi folks,

Im loving my Daybreak for travel but I’ve had some small items fall out of my exterior pockets (I put headphones, wet wipes, chargers, glasses, etc in them). What ideas do y’all have for how to more securely close those pockets?

I tried Velcro tape but they only lasted a few hours. I could see the Velcro on, but wanted to check with the community first to see if there are any other ideas before I poked holes in my bag.


  • Naomibro
    Naomibro Member Posts: 92

    7/10: Most woman-tailored garments do not have deep or secure pockets! Try buying the male Fjallraven long slack. The pockets snap, are deep and, do not interfere with your pack's waist belt. Also wear a zippered bum bag. I've compared woman's and mens garments and see sexism in tailoring. The "female" garment has shallow and fairly useless pockets. Securing anything in pockets is a must outside, not a want.

  • lwilliams
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    @Parashara108 I find the small items like headphones are safer inside the interior zip pocket and inside sleeve for that exact reason. If you want to keep them on the exterior you could try using something like a drawstring stuff sack with a micro carabiner and secure the drawstring part to any attachment point on the exterior of the bag, and then tuck the stuff sack inside the exterior pocket.