How to best repair mesh pouch?

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I absolutely love my Junction 40, it was my first HMG pack and is still my favorite! But, I have a small hole in the front mesh pouch and am worried it will get bigger with time. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix the hole? Or should I just leave it and hope for the best?

I know there are dyneema patch kits, but haven't seen anything for mesh.

I've learned my lesson about using an ice axe with that pack, and now have a Southwest and Prism for when I'm needing to bring my axe with me on alpine climbs.


  • Naomibro
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    Have you a sewing kit? When home, Suggest mending hole with dental floss.

  • Jessicaholly88
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    You can get extra strong sewing threads too which you can repair mesh with too.

  • Naomibro
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    So, I emailed a family member a Maine net-type lobstah fisher person. He said to mend withth fishing line. But it's plastic, I argued. He Main-ish and a stout Red type retorted: " Environment, who cares? Don't use plastic line don't cha know..."

  • marinafrench
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    @skyestoury HMG will do repairs as well, so if you'd like to send in your pack to repair the mesh, reach out to Customer Service, and they'll help to sort things out!

  • quiggleryan
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    I think you could use some fishing line! That is light weight and will hold strong for a long time to come! I have done it a couple times with my packs and I never had an issue! Hope the repair goes well!