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7/07/22 First, a huge shout-out to Mark. He is amazing! Just returned from section-hiking Colorado Trail. I about froze! 7 items saved me: long pants, alpaca hoodie, hat, long drawers--top and bottom; full fingered gloves, carbon fiber hiking. poles, and SPF 36 lip Rx. Living in Gulf Coast Texas, HOT is a dominant feature. I knew better, so I ditched shorts, short sleeved shirts and any other summer attire. Although it did not snow, I still woke to chill and stiffness but the scenery! wow!! Having recently broke my spine (!) I had to carry super light and watch foot steps. Still. Wildflower awesomeness! I was oldest. on Trail, other than stiff, do I care?


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    Awesome! I hope it’s warmed up-but forecast looks like it’s not drying out! I’m leaving Denver on Monday (7/11) for a thru hike of the CT. Any intel?

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    Hey, @Naomibro - Stoked to see you here!

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    7/09/22 Having lived in EP and Rky Mts Park my "playground", we can say "Be Prepared" there is ALL kinds of weather! It may start out super warm and by the time you are on Trail Ridge, snowing. Really. Remember the altitude changes everything! Be a good Boy Scout and be prepared, literally, your life may depend on it! Have way too much fun!

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    7/09. In Colorado, get OFF the Trail by will rain huge wet drops..... chill, thunder.

    Summer conditions can, and will change fast. The powerful, fearsome lightening can kill. Get OFF all ridges and anything above 9,000 feet.