Camera Pod Sizing?

marinafrench Member, Administrator Posts: 6

Would love to hear what size Camera Pod you all use for your specific camera setups. Thinking this will be helpful for everyone!

I currently use a large for my Nikon D750 with 24-70 lens. It fits pretty perfectly, without the camera strap (which I barely use).


  • TenDigitGrid
    TenDigitGrid Member, Moderator Posts: 82

    I use the camera Pod with a Sony A9, here is a picture of it with the 35mm G-master. I also use it with a tamron 28-75 and it works really well. For more pictures of it in use, I wrote a full review of it here.

  • JMongol
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    I have two camera pods, one on each side of my Porter. My usual set up is a Canon R5 + RF 15-35 in one, and R + RF 70-200 in the other, but I sometimes swap, and sometimes use other lenses. The RF 70-200 just barely fits, and it doesn't fit with the tripod collar.

    A "Lens Pod" is sorely missing from the lineup. The camera pod can be used to hold a lens, but it flops around too much. I'd also love an "XL" camera pod/lens pod that could hold an RF + RF 100-500 or something else equally big.

  • TenDigitGrid
    TenDigitGrid Member, Moderator Posts: 82

    Completely agree! I really hope they make a lens pod next!

    I have the Matador Lens Base Layer, that I use now. But it's oddly designed. The waterproofing is on the inside, so the outside can get soaked.

  • nirwin
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    I have a Large camera pod with an R5 & 24-105. Seems to fit quite happily.

    D750 with that lens should be a Large size. Any of the smaller cameras Like a Canon M would be ideal in a smaller pod.

  • marsolh
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    I need one for my nikon d7500 and tamron 100-400. I have been using the old mindshift 20 (which wasn't created for that kind of setup but works... and they don't do them anymore:(.. )

    Any ideas of which camera pod out there may work?


  • tonywodarck
    tonywodarck Member Posts: 24

    Canon R5/R6 and one of these three lenses.

    Canon RF 24-70 2.8

    Canon RF 50 1.2

    Canon 70-200 2.8

    All fit perfectly.