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Hey everyone,

Shoes are just as important as what kind of backpack you use! What kinds of shoes do you use and what socks have you found to last the longest. I tear through my shoes and socks and so I am always up for recommendations!


    MARK SIREK Administrator Posts: 313

    @quiggleryan I've had nothing but success with this brand of sneaker, and I'm just breaking in a new pair of these -

    So far so splendid! Super grip, incredibly comfortable, and built for abuse. Big thumbs up from this guy.

  • Jessicaholly88
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    I've always worn speedcross and wildcross from salomon! I've recently been trying hoka speedgoats too which have been really comfy and really grippy on rocky/technical terrain!

  • bergstromra
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    I’ve been using Altra Superiors on the CDT without any issue. No fatigue, no hot spots, no blisters. I got one pair from Grants, NM to Winter Park, CO 🤯

  • swbugas
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    I've done every single run, hike, backpacking trip, and even several mountain climbs in my On Running Cloudventure Peaks and Cloudultras. I know not every shoe works for everyone, but these two give me sensitivity, durability, and insane levels of comfort. I don't have any interest in changing anytime.

  • petergierlach
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    I switched to the Salomon Sense Ride 3 and absolutely love them. They have Goretex so they've held up well in watery and muddy conditions, are very lightweight, and super supportive.

    For socks I've recently started wearing Balegas. My Darn Toughs have been thinning out on the sole, so I'm going to try the Balegas on my upcoming trip and see how they hold up!

  • Naomibro
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    Wear Solomon X Ultra with Gore tex for Women. Like the shoes and laces. Use Injini sock liners and a wool mid calf sock over liners. The shoes are pricey and fit with short break-in time. Fit and function more important than price. Rarely have foot issues. When done with day's hike, wear cheap sandals. Start out with scrupulous dry feet and nail hygiene. Sleep with liners.

  • tradigan21
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    For socks, I like Darn Tough and WrightSock. Personally, the thinner the sock the better. I'm a fan of La Sportiva trail runners. Mostly I've used the Mutants and Wildcats, but I'm trying the Cyklons for the first time this summer and I think they're my favorite pair of trail runners ever.

  • Riff
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    La Sportiva TX Guide for anything technical or with a heavy pack, or Innov8 G270’s for light trips. I mostly prefer zero drop when I can get it, but sadly most light trail runners don’t last very long, so the La Sportiva’s cover the stout end of the spectrum.

  • Woodstock
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    My ankles roll - if I'm going on an long hike/trip I wear my Lowa Renegade. I tried all kinds of boots, and these were great out of the box. Went to Peru with them, hike NY with them, and I have 0 complaints. On less rocky trails, I wear Altra Lone Peak 6 Trail Running Shoes, they are light, dry fast, and feel good.