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Hey everyone,

I would do love to hear about what backpacks you have and use. I currently have the Windrider 40 HMG and also the Zpacks Nero! I love both and I use the Windrider for longer trips and for trips that I have to carry more. Then I use my Nero for shorter and more chill trips. I would love to hear more about the packs that you use and why you use them!


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    I use a HMG Southwest 70 for my my adventures. I love that I can roll it down for shorter trips and not have to own multiple backpacking trips.

    For day hikes, I made my own ultralight Dyneema camera daypack for hikes you can check out here. It's basically a typical roll top backpack but with a zipper down the back, for easy and quick access to my camera gear etc.

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    I do a lot of caving, bagging peaks, etc... Plus I love thru-hikes & long distance packing. I hiked the Colorado Trail back in 1993, and solidified by love of the outdoors.... I'll take me MountainSmith Circuit II. It's huge & on the heavy side, yet it's tough as nails & comfy to trek with. And I can fit just about anything I need for the mission; whether caving, rafting & kayaking, or going off & finding new shit.

    My other preferred pack is my Arcteryx, Bora 40. It's my peak-bagger, my in-cave indestructible beast. Not a thru-trip pack by any means, yet tougher than nails and able to handle any extreme condition you can throw at it!

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    I'm a pack snob: The fit of Osprey packs are best for me...yeah, tried and returned--many Osprey too. Comfort driven. Bought a Co-0p brand pack as a gift for another. It ripped after two outings and unfit to carry. It's going back. I've a 20, 40 55 and 65 Osprey. The smaller day bags are the Stratos model; the larger, the Aura model. Both fit my short-waisted anatomy well.