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Hey everyone,

I was wondering what kind of cameras do you use? Just looking for some suggestions and possibly looking at upgrading my setup! Would love to hear from you all what you find works and doesn’t work!


  • swbugas
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    I've shot with Fujfilm and Canon predominantly, and both are wildly satisfying. That said, I completely go against the light and fast ambitions with my camera equipment. I shave weight on everything else so that I can bring my camera gear haha. Lately, I've been wildly happy with the canon mirrorless full frame range, but I'd happily shoot with a the fuji XT line or some of the smaller Olympus cameras. The answer somewhat depends on what you're using now and what you like/dislike about it!

  • mikesee
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    I'm always disappointed with quality if I leave the DSLR at home in favor of saving weight or space.

    So I most often bring a canon full-frame DSLR, with either a single (big) tele-zoom lens, or two smaller, more purpose specific lenses.

    My one lens solution is the Canon 28-300L.

    My two lens solution is a smaller, lighter Tamron 28-300, packed in tandem with a Sigma 14 f1.8 for wide shots and at-camp astro shots.

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    I have been rocking the Sony A7C, pretty compact full frame. I have been using the kit lens as well because its so compact. works for me. I um probably going to upgrade the lens for the next trip though.

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    I have the Sony a6000 with a wide angle sony lens (12-18mm) and it is perfect for backpacking and climbing. It's lighter than full frame cameras and still shoots really well. There are smaller lenses as well but I really like having a wide angle for the landscapes I'm in. And I shoot in RAW so I can edit everything after the fact. But in all honestly the new iPhone 13 pro shoots really well in ProRAW and I may take just my phone on some trips when weight is really an issue.

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    I'm in love with my Canon R5—full frame, mirrorless, hybrid. It's smaller and lighter than my now retired 5 D mark lll and it shoots 4 and 8 k video. If you are a Canon person, I highly recommend it. Although my 24-70mm lens is faster, I typically use my 24-105mm f4 lens on trips. I find that it's nicer to have a little more zoom than speed. Typically, I don't shoot with a wide open shutter when there's a lot of natural light, which on most trips/expeditions there is. I have not upgraded to the USM lenses. Instead, I use an adaptor that has variable ND filters, which allows for perfect video exposures and frame rate relative to fps. It also has great seals and is supposed to hold up well in inclement weather. It's not cheap, but it's a backcountry workhorse.

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    @Bjørn I use the R5 with the 70-200 f4 and a 17-35. I feel like I'm living in a dream every time I get to shoot with it. Definitely agree that while there is some weight, it's well worth it for what it creates!

  • TenDigitGrid
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    I am probably goign to be the one with the heavy camera and photography gear. I use a Sony A9, but I would recommend the Sony A7 range as well for fantastic mirrorless cameras.

    Use HMG Backpack so I can take more camera gear.... lol. I wrote an article for HMG on their blog about it here:

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    I use a Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless, its not light but its not suuuper heavy. I've taken it on 3 thru hikes now and have kind of beat the hell out of it. I bring 2 lenses, because I like to shoot details as well as wide open landscapes. A lighter option is the Fuji XT30, but it has a few less functions and capabilities as the XT2, XT3, and not XT4 (ok, I'm a bit behind with the upgrade!). Still takes amazing photos!

  • DanM
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    I'm currently using a Sony A7 II and love it. It's my first full frame camera and it came with a 35mm prime lens. This setup has been good so far but I'm looking at a 28-70mm lens. An adventure photography buddy recommended it to me and after some research I can tell why! It would be the one lens I'd consistently take since it has the range I'm looking for and isn't the biggest thing!

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    I took an Olympus Tough TG-6 on our Philmont trek this summer. I could have done with a monopod mount for some pictures and I definitely need to better explore the different modes but overall I was really happy with the results. Plus it was nice to have to worry about it getting wet.

  • JMongol
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    Like several others, my main body is the Canon R5. I also take along an R on most trips too. Lenses include the RF 15-35 and RF 70-200/2.8 - I'm a masochist and enjoy carrying heavy 2.8 lenses into the backcountry. :D I also have the RF 24-105 but am thinking about swapping it for the RF 24-70/2.8 so I can have 2.8 on that focal length.

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    Canon R5 user here, although use older EF lenses (no way can I afford the RF lenses!)

    Go to lens is the 24-105, although have since upgraded (or down graded depending on how you look at it) my 70-200 IS II 2.8 to a 70-200 F4 non IS. I feel this is all I need. I rarely use my 16-35, although can be useful.